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Our Piano Services

  • *** Piano Tuning *** Click Here

    Piano producers suggest that your piano be tuned at regular periods. We personally suggest that you have your instrument expertly tuned a minimum of two times a year. Time for a tune up? Call Now 918-835-8863!

  • *** Piano Repair *** Click Here

    We do all repair services, including action regulation, on all brands of acoustic pianos. That includes Steinway, Yamaha, Samick, Baldwin and hundreds of names you most likely will only see at our warehouse. It can be fixed!

  • ** Piano Moving ** Click Here

    Bear in mind that pianos vary in weight from about 500 pounds for a spinet to as much a 1500 pounds for a concert grand. Without the proper equipment the move can become a catastrophe. Call Us at 918.299.8863.

  • * Piano Restoration * Click Here

    Age, improper moving, housekeeping, everyday wear & tear, and periodic mishaps may have caused your piano to look less than stunning. Lots of flaws can be "retouched" while other pianos need a complete Restoration.

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