Piano Moving

Don’t take chances with your prized piano. Hire a professional!

All piano movers have horror stories about people who have tried to move their pianos by themselves.

This clip shows an Eagle Van Lines moving team attempting to move our piano up a single flight of stairs without a proper piano board or straps. This resulted in substantial damage to a corner of the piano as it broke loose and slid off the jury-rigged board and scraped along the pavement. They were finally instructed to stop as it became apparent they did not know how to move a piano, had already damaged the piece, and might cause injury to themselves. This should be a lesson to both moving companies and those having their possessions moved that the right equipment makes even the most difficult pieces safe to move.

Bear in mind that pianos vary in weight from about 500 pounds for a spinet to as much a 1500 pounds for a concert grand. You may think that numerous of your good friends can help you move it but the fact is without the proper equipment and the knowledge of techniques your move can become a catastrophe.

Two or three specialists with the correct equipment and knowledge should be able to perform the job without damaging your piano and you will not need to visit your chiropractor.

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