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1877 Steinway 7′ 3″ “Style 1” Art Case Grand

Enjoy a masterpiece in your home.

This 1877 Steinway & Sons 7′ 3″ “Style 1” Art Case Grand has been meticulously restored and refinished by Bill Miller. The rosewood case, legs, lyre, and music rack are all beautifully hand carved. The interior has been completely refurbished. The sound board has been shimmed and resurfaced and a new Steinway decal added. The plate has been re-bronzed, bridges capped and new wire and tuning pins with new felt over and under wire have replaced the old. The action is completely new including new hammers, shanks, flanges and whippens. New keys, key tops and sharps have replaced the old damaged ones. Serial Number: 35104 This beauty is ready for a new home and is priced at $79,500. 

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1876 Steinway 1876steinway011877-Steinway-Square-Grand-035-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-045-150x150  1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-041-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-042-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-037-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-036-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-040-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-038-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-039-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-044-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-023-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-031-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-003-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-034-150x150  1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-024-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-002-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-006-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-004-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-005-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-027-150x150 1877-Steinway-Square-Grand-028-150x150 1876steinway04




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